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Resources for cohorts joining ProPASS prospectively 

As ProPASS is expanding, we are continuously welcoming new studies. Both with existing accelerometry data and those who haven't started their study yet. We are offering support throughout the whole process. For those that want to join ProPASS prospectively, the main eligibility criteria are laid out below:

  1. Population or community-based studies

  2. Physical activity data from tri-axial thigh-worn accelerometry in the form of raw accelerometer files.

  3. Accompanying data with a minimum sample size >500 participants, age >18 years old, gender, age, height, weight, other lifestyle behaviors, pre-existing CVD and diabetes, general health status, some cardiometabolic outcomes (e.g., biomarkers, CR fitness, incident diabetes)

  4. Possibility for linkage to external registers, mortality, hospital admissions, cancer registry

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ProPASS Questionnaire for Prospective Harmonisation

We provide a standard questionnaire to studies that are joining us prospectively. Click here to download it.  

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ProPASS Standard Operating Procedure 

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Read more about our Standard Operating Procedure here.   

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