Dr Alex Rowlands

University of Leicester

Andrew Atkin.jpg

Dr Andrew Atkin

The University of East Anglia

Douglas Maxwell

PAL Technologies


Esmee Bakker

Radboud University

Fabio Franzese.jpg

Dr Fabio Franzese

Munich Center for the Economics of Aging

Gregore Iven Mielke.jpg

Dr Gregore Iven Mielke

University of Queensland


A/Prof Jo McVeigh

Curtin University

Hans Bussmann.jpg

Prof Hans Bussmann

Erasmus University


Dr Laura Brocklebank

University of Bristol

Leon Straker.jpg

Prof Leon Straker

Curtin University

Li-Tang TSAI.jpg

Dr Li-Tang Tsai

University of Southern Denmark


Prof Malcolm Granat

University of Salford

Matthew Stevens.jpg

Dr Matthew Stevens

National Centre For The Working Environment, Copenhagen

Dr Nidhi Gupta

National Centre For The Working Environment, Copenhagen

Patrick Crowley.jpg

Patrick Crowley

National Centre For The Working Environment, Copenhagen


Dr Peter Palm

Uppsala University

Richard Pulsford_2_edited_edited.jpg

Dr Richard Pulsford

University of Exeter

Sebastien Schastin.jpg

Prof Sebastien Chastin

Glasgow Caledonian University


Prof Timothy Kwok

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Vincent van Hees.jpg

Dr Vincent van Hees

Accelting/Amsterdam UMC