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4th Annual ProPASS Meeting 2022 Recordings

Opening, Welcome and Recent Developments in ProPass - Emmanuel Stamatakis


The ProPASS data resource: description and preliminary results - Matthew Ahmadi & Joanna Blodgett

ProPASS Expansion Strategy - Vegar Rangul

Keynote Address 1: DataSHIELD & ProPASS - Becca Wilson

ProPASS Cohorts

Keynote Address 2: Maelstrom & ProPASS - Isabel Fortier

Closing remarks and overview of Day 1 – Mark Hamer


The ProPASS – ISPAH Partnership - Jasper Schipperijn & Emmanuel Stamatakis

ISPAH Session 1: Using accelerometers in LMICs: reflections on the SUNRISE Project - Tony Okely and Bang Nguyen Pham

SurPASS: Automating device-based measurement in cohort study research - Andreas Holtermann & Nidhi Gupta

Discussion session – Doing research in LMICs: easier said than done?

We apologise that Prof Pedro Hallal could not join the discussion panel on expanding cohort research in LMICs. Prof Hallal has kindly provided a recording commenting on the topic of this discussion panel:

ISPAH Session 3: From device data to guidelines to population behaviour change - Karen Milton

ISPAH Session 4: Generating physical activity domain-specific data using accelerometers and GPS - Jasper Schipperijn

The ProPASS - International Society for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour (ISMPB) Partnership - Annemarie Koster & Bronwyn Clark

Event Closing: How to get involved with ProPASS - Annemarie Koster

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