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The Prospective Physical Activity, Sitting and Sleep consortium (ProPASS)


ProPASS is an international research collaboration platform focused on cohorts using thigh and wrist-worn accelerometry devices (“wearables”). ProPASS’ main scientific aim is to explore the effects of multi-dimensional 24-hour physical activity, posture, and sleep patterns on a wide range of health outcomes. The objectives of the consortium are: 


  • to establish a pooled data resource on physical activity, posture allocation, sleep, and health outcomes 

  • to develop methods for processing, harmonising, and pooling wearables data  

  • to support new international studies to collect wearables data, enabling prospective harmonisation  

  • To expand the evidence base of 24-hour physical activity, posture, and sleep to under-represented countries, including LMICs 


The ultimate goal of the ProPASS consortium as a data resource is to promote collaborative individual participant, and prospective meta-analyses on physical activity, posture, and sleep.  


At inception in 2017, ProPASS employed a focus on thigh-worn wearables. The tremendous progress in wearables measurement and signal processing standards has provided the opportunity to expand to studies of wrist-worn wearables. In mid-2023, ProPASS  initiated the expansion to wrist wearables studies which includes a rigorous program of methodological work on harmonising thigh and wrist captured data.  

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